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Dr Tom O'Shea

MA LLM (Tax) (with Merit) MPhil PhD (London) CTA (Fellow)


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Jan 29:12th Avoir Fiscal EU Tax Conference (Online in 2021)

Jan 28: 12th Annual EU Tax Students Conference (Online in 2021)

Jan 19: LLM Prep Course Week 2

Jan 12: LLM Prep Course Week 1


EU Tax Training Courses - Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced - online each month

Owing to the Coronavirus emergency,

all 2020 projects other than online ones

are currently cancelled.  

2019 :

Regulatory Framework for Tax in the EU, Walless Law Firm, Vilnius, Lithuania

EU Tax Training Course, University of Western Australia

Regulatory Framework for Tax in the EU, National University of Singapore


European Judges' Training Network, Barcelona: EU Tax Training Event